"This is a must have piece of equipment... "

- Pitching Coach

Pitcher's Mate Fastpitch Softball Pitching Target

Take Control of Your Softball Pitches
with Pitcher's Mate

Pitcher's Mate is the best pitching target for solo softball pitching practice! It's the pitching target that will make your fastpitch softball practice time pay off.

Pitcher's Mate Softball Pitching Target

The unique design of the Pitcher's Mate features a life-size reversible batter and a four zone strike target that lets the balls pass through and collect on the other side. Our latest design has a photo realistic batter.

Its sturdy design has been tested by high school, college, and professional teams. It is made of rust-proof marine stainless steel for outdoor and indoor use and is quick and easy to set up.

The Pitcher's Mate target is in use in 45 states plus Mexico, Canada and Belgium. Pitcher's Mate is praised by softball coaches, parents and players!

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"Our daughter & a teammate throw to the Pitcher's Mate target nearly every day. They compete with each other on who can throw the most strikes. They really like having both right and left handed batters that simulates game situations. We never have to remind her to practice her pitching now that she has own catcher. Her father and I are also glad that we don't have to risk injury catching her anymore."

BL-Tennessee parent

Used by Major League Pitchers & Universities

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