Ordering Pitcher's Mate Targets

Pitcher's Mate target with Frame


  • Target with reversible batter
  • Steel frame
  • + UPS shipping

Pitcher's Mate target without Frame


  • Target with reversible batter
  • Frame not included
  • + UPS shipping

Shipping charges are based on zip code.
Please call Customer Service for the exact shipping amount.

Send a check or money order to:

Pitcher's Mate
4815 S Landon Ct.
Springfield, MO 65810

Please say that you want a women's fastball target.
Be sure to include your phone number and email for UPS.

We are not set up to take credit cards.


Do you want more information?

Send an email to twinhitters@bellsouth.net.

Customer Service



What Our Customers Are Saying

"The Pitcher's Mate has proven to be an invaluable piece of equipment. With the versatility of allowing our pitchers to see both right and left-handed batters and with the numbered strike zone, our pitchers have developed much better command and location of their pitches. This is a must have piece of equipment for any coach trying to teach his pitchers to pitch to location."

Paul Goeggelman,
Pitching Coach
Fairport High School
Fairport, NY

"To teach pitching I only have to have two pieces of equipment and one of them is the Pitcher's Mate. The academy uses eight of the targets and they take a pounding every day. Drew Storen (Nationals) and Lance Lynn (Cardinals) have trained here since high school along with several minor league pitchers."

Coach Jay Lehr,
Power Alley Academy
Noblesville, IN
Master Pitching Instructor

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